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Mental tools for leading yourself and others.

Online Programs

✔️  Design your life 

✔️ Acompañamiento Directivo 

The mentoring process is 100% personalized and is based on two methodologies:

It is a mentoring process where you have the opportunity to engage in a sincere, honest, and relevant conversation with Rafael about the challenges and opportunities you face as a leader in your work, in your family, or to lead your own life.

Executive Mentoring

For CEOs and Business Leaders.

Paper and Pen

Nuria Chinchilla

Director of the Executive Coaching Program. Named Best Female Executive of the Year.
IESE Business School (#1 in Executive Education, Financial Times)

"Rafael has the ability to develop simple, direct, and profound messages to his audiences and achieves his ultimate goal of inspiring and transforming the professionals who listen to him and read his work."

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