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Additional programs to achieve success.

Other Services

Supported by some of the world's top consultants and advisors, we develop solutions that are tailored to each high-performance team.

What do we do?

We aim to contribute to companies becoming both human-centric and profitable organizations, with successful strategic projects, cohesive teams, empowered and well-prepared leaders, agile structures, and a conscious responsibility towards their environment.


  1. Offsites.

  2. Facilitation of executive committees.

  3. Annual corporate events.


We work with teams of all sizes and across all industries. We create solutions for in-person, hybrid, and online organizations.

For Whom?


According to each client's needs, we have contacts and alliances with:

Lead Professor of People Management in Organizations at ESE.

A coach who teaches classes and gives lectures in organizations and business schools in America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. He has worked with some of the world's top athletes, such as Rafael Nadal and Pau Gasol, as well as global company presidents. He is the author of a dozen books.

Santiago Alvarez de Mon

Director of the Executive Coaching Program and named Best Female Executive of the Year
IESE Business School (#1 in Executive Education, Financial Times)

Nuria Chinchilla

Professor at IESE Business School.
Author of 12 books. He is one of the leading professionals in international management. He has provided advisory services to top management teams on five continents, in more than 900 companies, across more than 80 countries, and to over 500,000 executives.

Luis Huete

World-renowned speaker on attitude-related topics.

Victor Kuppers

Guest lecturer at IE Business School.

After facing difficulties due to a chronic illness, he managed to overcome extreme challenges at sea and now gives motivational speeches. He has learned the importance of people in projects and is dedicated to awakening the talent and potential of work teams and society in general through conferences, consulting, and teaching.

Jacobo Parejes

World-renowned speaker on attitude-related topics.

Rafael Zavala

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