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Life goes on

"Starting today, my latest book 'Life Goes On: Mental Tools for Complex Times' is available in all bookstores, and for those living in another country who want a printed copy, you can find it on

It will be available on Amazon starting next week.

It's an invitation to rethink how we live and discover proven guidelines from global experts like Victor Kuppers, Nuria Chinchilla, Luis Huete, Rolph Dobelli, Santiago Alvarez de Mon, to increase our resilience, manage anxiety and stress, and better control our moods. Because in the end, we live by what we convey.

A happy life doesn't consist of the absence of difficulties but the mastery of them. The future has to be crafted by oneself and created in every moment; it doesn't belong to the unprepared. We have to keep moving forward, keep pedaling uphill.

We have to rejoin the world because life goes on! Hope is a good companion on this journey!

Heartfelt thanks to all those who consider buying or gifting it.

Thanks to @Editorial Planeta for the trust!"



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